The purpose of this blog is to combine memories with reflections, my own and those of others who have had experience of activity on the libertarian socialist, communist and anarchist fringes of UK politics. Personally, I make no great claim to having been a great success at any of this, but I hope that by unpicking my past and trying to understand it myself, it might help others find their ways in these treacherous waters as the multitudinous groups out there split and re-form like so many amoeba-like organisms. In my darker moments I don’t wonder that the dispossessed of the world turn to violence, religious extremism and right-wing verbal thuggery, given the abysmal sectarianism of the so-called left. But I still hope that a new generation will find a better way.

From time to time, I will add links to material too long for a blog that I think should have wider circulation out there, usually in the form of PDF documents that can be downloaded free of charge and subject to the principles of the Creative Commons. Some will be from me, while some will be from friends and comrades, past and present.